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Come vi sembra il nuovo sito di miss alpe adria
Iscrizioni aperte per gli eventi di LUGLIO !
Lana Grz etic is the new Miss Alpe Adria International

1. Lana Gržetić HR (Miss Alpe Adria International)
2. Veronika Belešová SK (Miss Elisir D'Argan)
3. Nicole Manzato ITA (Miss Wifi4all)
4. Kristina Potitska SLO (Miss Optex International)

Százhalombatta (Hungary) Szekeres József Konferencia

Organized by Pramiss & GierrePi

Presenters:  Balazs Hegyi e Anna Jonas

Direction: Lubos Durina

Guest: Vastag Csaba

Hospitality: Mellow Mood Hotels - Expo Congress Hotel

Partners: Elisir d'Argan, Wifi4all, Claudia Bikini, Bianca Esküvői Szalon, Simigh, JF Club, United Brands, Okto Media, SMax, Alpok Aqua, Folium Nyomda, Mohácsi Cukrászda, Kristály Kozmetika, Halászcsárda Százhalombatta, Ashram Beauty, Optex, Casa del Miele Cividale Italy, Vogrig Cividale Italy, Torta Studio, Sigomonta Joaillier, Fehér Holló Étterem

International Management: GierrePi Udine Italy 0039 0432 204451 quartetto_budapest.jpg

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